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Настольные игры

Dakon is a traditional game from Java. In Indonesia this game is also known as Dentuman Lamban (Lampung), Mokaotan, Maggaleceng, Aggalacang or Nogarata (Sulawesi), Dakuan (South Borneo) and Congklak. Not only in Indonesia, This game have a different name in the world, There is Sungka (Philippine), Congkak (Malaysia) and generally, This game is known as Mancala.Dakon is used to be a very popular traditional games in the community, but the growth of video games displace the existence of this game. That's the reason, we created "DAKON" to presenting traditional games in digital form so that the values ​​of this traditional game is not lost inedible age.
"DAKON" can be played from 1 to 2 players. Has an intuitive display and easy learning tutorial, so players can easily understand how to play dakon.
**** Upcoming Update ****
- Dakon Game Tutorial
- Normal and Hard Computer Difficulty
- Board and Seed Variant
- Environment Theme
- Another Indonesian Traditional Songs